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The da Vinci Surgical System. - best health care systems in the world

The Latest Technology In Minimally Invasive Surgery!

The da Vinci surgical system is a sophisticated robotic platform designed to expand our surgeon's capabilities -- and for the first time -- offer a minimally invasive option for major surgbest health care systems in the world

Advocate Sherman Hospital Surgeons Performing Surgery Using da Vinci:
Raja Chatterji, M.D, OB/GYNE Surgeon
Brad Epstein, M.D., OB/GYNE Surgeon
James Griffin, M.D., Urological Surgeon
Humberto Lamoutte, M.D., OB/GYNE Surgeon
Christopher Michael, M.D., OB/GYNE Surgeon
Josh Tunca, M.D., Gynecological Oncology Surgeon
Ramesh Khanna, M.D., Urological Specialist
Brian Gerber, M.D., Urological Specialist

Advocate Sherman Hospital's Plans For The da Vinci System.

At Advocate Sherman Hospital, the da Vinci System will initially be used by our urologists for prostatectomies and other urologic procedures.

This minimally invasive approach, utilizing the latest in surgical and robotics technologies, is ideal for delicate urologic surgery, in which the target site is not only tightly confined but also surrounded by nerves. Other uses of the da Vinci include cardiothoracic and gynecologic surgery.

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