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As part of our commitment to deliver the most advanced care to our patients, Advocate Sherman Hospital has transitioned to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) - way ahead of the curve. Congress has mandated that, by 2014, EMRs will be standard everywhere and that hospitals must move away from paper-based records. Today, we're proud to say we're one of the first hospitals in the area to complete this necessaryukraine health care system


Advocate Sherman Hospital's EMR system will be a key component in our ability to deliver even higher quality coordinated care through a safe, fast, efficient, confidential and secure digital system.

When a physician steps into a Advocate Sherman Hospital patient room, they will be able to access that individual's medical history, laboratory reports, surgical dictations, copies of correspondence, appointment schedules, X-rays, ultrasounds, CT and MRI scans, echocardiograms - all securely in an instant. And one of the best parts? A patient's EMR can only be accessed by authorized users who are readily identifiable.

Our system will:

We're proud of all the hard work our staff has completed to make Electronic Medical Records a reality at Advocate Shermanukraine health care system